SCLMD – Soon To Open For Public Registration!

When you look up SCLMD right now, there is only an animated placeholder banner on the frontpage:
This has been the case since a year already when development started. Now the time has come to finally open the registration for the broader public. The first version of SCLMD has been developed on ubuntu/Laravel. I had to find a new programmer since there have been downtimes and bugs in the last three months. Since I’m much more used to CentOS/cpanel and it’s usually easier to find someone that can work on this, I decided to move the whole script from the server and the previous programmers.

SCLMD – Frontpage-Design

SCLMD frontpage designWhile not yet finished, here a quick glance on the actual state of the design for the frontpage. Meanwhile another programmer is going to move the script to the new CentOS-server this weekend.

I’m not yet sure if I really open the registration right away though. I will probably let the designer ‘beautify’ the dashboard first because it looks nothing like I want it to look like 🙂

Most of the desired functions needed at this point are working since March 2016 already. But I want it to become more than that!

You can apply for membership already by sending me a message using the Contact form.

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