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A few days ago, the SCLMD script has been moved from ubuntu to centOS. Finally! After some tweaks here and there, it’s running without problems. At least so it seems to me. My connection here isn’t that great, so I can’t really tell the speed. People I asked said it’s at least as fast as before, so I’ll trust their word.

Problems During Development

The Blog here is new, so I didn’t write much about the issues I had with SCLMD in the last months. I spent roughly more than $15,000 on development with a dev-team from India. Especially in the beginning while setting up the basic script, everything was running pretty smooth. A few months in, development became a chore. Probably mostly because of the speech-barrier. Instructions were misunderstood, small bugs needed longer and longer to be fixed if fixed at all. The cost for development (although lower than before because I gave less tasks) was getting higher for smaller tasks. To add a hidden link to the Landingpages for example I was charged with 4 working hours.

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There were lots of warning-signs where I should have pulled the plug and move on. But I thought they are going to get their shit together… In the end, they were the ones developing it from A-Z and should know what they programmed. Around three months ago, the Landingdomains were moved to the main server. Since the traffic was pretty low before, I wanted to shut down one vServer to save a bit on expenses. Boy was I wrong… There was a problem on the server for Landerdomains previously and only solved after two or three weeks which was a big hit back then (caching). When the server bugged out several times a day after the move, I suggested to look after the caching. Every! Few! Days! Again! And every time I was assured the problem is not with the caching.

The Journey For A New Dev

When I went and looked for someone that can move the script and terminate the bugs, I came across IotaInsanity. A total failure btw that simply didn’t answer after a while. He could have just told me that he isn’t able to so I can move on and find someone else. Looks like people don’t think that far nowadays.
After more than three months of running a broken service, I turned to reddit and pretty quickly found someone who was able to move the whole script.

Moving The SCLMD Script

The problem with moving and fixing a complex script like SCLMD is the new dev has to understand the script, he has to understand the structure and he has to understand the code written by other devs. Since there were zero annotations, it took him a little longer. Simply moving a script doesn’t fix it, so it took us both together a while to find what it was that took the server down, and guess what… it was the caching! There were several other little bugs the original devs didn’t care to fix or simply told me they are fixed while they were not. Additional inquiries by me were ignored. Not all of these have been fixed by now since the new dev isn’t really cheap either. Moving and fixing what has been fixed by now cost me $625.

To fix all the crap the other devs left me with would probably cost me that much, it’ll be cheaper to re-code what I have. The code itself “isn’t bad code” as he said, so he can recycle most of it. While not the actual standard, he’ll also refrain from using a framework. ‘Laravel’ was the framework of choice for the Indians which basically closed me out on my own script. While not a full force coder, I can read, understand and edit code to my needs. For Laravel I would have needed to learn something completely new. That for I don’t have the time nor the nerves.

The Verdict

I don’t even know how much I lost in the last three months. Especially in online advertising, those months are the most profitable. I can only guess that them not fixing their own bugs cost me ~$8,000 in lost revenue – at least! Additional $625 for the new developer – and not even all bugs have been fixed yet. If you are thinking of signing up to SCLMD: Don’t worry. The bugs are not affecting the basic service. These are mainly minor bugs in the admin or the user-interface. The chat is not updating live as well as the notifications for example.

Rant over, and I think I really kept my calm here 🙂

If the ODs (Original Devs) read this:
I think I am more than fair not naming your company. Everything I wrote (and more) is true though!

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