MyLikes -> SCLMD The Differences

There are some differences to MyLikes you should know, before you sign up to SCLMD:

Traffic From All Countries Is Paid + No Shaving!

Unlike MyLikes and a lot of other social sponsors, SCLMD pays for all your traffic no matter where it’s from. We don’t decide which traffic is worth more, we take everything and pay accordingly to the performance of it. Time to open up your Fanpages again for all countries in the world!
There will be no shaving of earnings as has been reported from other sponsors. You simply get paid what your traffics performance is worth. Also read about the eCPM and how it’s calculated.

Refer Your Friends!

SCLMD has a referral program which is not going to be removed after a few years like the one on MyLikes. You can also just refer new users if you don’t want to use the service yourself.
The referral rate is 5%, however legally I have to note here that (while not planned at all) the rate can be lower or higher in the future.

No Semi-Pornographic Content!

We absolutely have nothing against pornographic content in general, but… SCLMD is a social sponsor and we think that social media platforms like facebook where a lot of minors surf uncontrolled by their parents shouldn’t be scattered with nudity and obscenity. If you posted only this kind of content in the past you probably can’t attract users to click other kind of content anymore. There are some articles that might be close to what you are looking for. Usually the eCPM is a bit lower for this kind of content. This is due to advertisers not willing to pay high per click for this traffic.

eCPM > Fixed Payrate

MyLikes paid/pays a ‘flat rate’ per click no matter how good or bad the traffic was/is. SCLMD pays via dynamic payrate (eCPM). The payrate is individual for EVERY article, EVERY country and EVERY user. This is to make sure people with high quality traffic get paid high quality without subsidizing others. Asking how much we pay can’t really be answered. Simply because everyone get’s what he deserves according to the quality of his traffic.

Low eCPM? Keep Promoting!

If you promote your first article, don’t back out if the eCPM is starting low. There is a delay between earnings and clicks, just wait for it to catch up. If it keeps staying low, maybe you just had an article with a low eCPM in general. Try another or ask the Support for higher paying articles. If you can’t get a decent eCPM with any article provided, you can either write your own (Articles -> New Article) or your traffic is simply not good enough.

Do Not Spam! Limited Content Available!

SCLMD is a one man show right now and not even really opened to the public. There are 100+ articles to choose from right now. What I seriously don’t want you to do is spamming a new article/link every hour on dead pages for 20 clicks/day. This is not going to help you or me or the service at all. If you need more content, you can either write your own or request some from Support.

Twitter Traffic and SCLMD?

We are not restricting the platforms you use to send traffic from. Past experience however has shown that traffic from Twitter and reddit usually doesn’t perform very good and a lot of the counted clicks are actually bots. The eCPM for this kind of traffic is lower by nature. You are free to send it anyway if you are ok with what you earn from it.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the extensive FAQ, feel free to contact support.

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