MyLikes Alternative – Look No Further, You Arrived!

If you are looking for a MyLikes alternative or any other article-network, you don’t need to search anymore.

After abusing facebook for several years with semi-pornographic and misleading articles, publishers of MyLikes experienced a wave of unpublished Fanpages. To get back some credibility, they entered the ‘branded content’ system where only verified Fanpages can participate. All other publishers are left standing in the rain from one day to another…

While being in closed beta since several months already, my own little service paid more than $75,000 to the few handful of publishers so far. It works a little bit different to what you know from MyLikes and other networks though, so please read on.

Where Can You Send Traffic From And How Much Is Paid?

You can send traffic from all social media properties you control. Spamming other peoples properties however is prohibited.

Unlike most other networks, we pay for traffic from all countries. Since we think the fairest is to pay everyone according to the quality of their traffic, the eCPM may vary a lot between users and content. On SCLMD you won’t subsidize the bad or fake traffic from other users but get paid for the real performance of your audience. This way CPMs of $40 and more are possible on certain articles promoted to the right audience.

Can I Write My Own Articles? How Can I Get Content For A Specific Niche?

In general, everyone that can write in decent English can write articles on SCLMD (and earn even more with this). If you are missing a category or want someone else to write articles for your niche, please contact the support. For more detailed information please also read the “FAQ for Writer” after you signed up. Note that we won’t allow the semi-pornographic content you see on most other networks. If you are looking for that kind of content, your audience might not be a match for our articles and will probably not perform very good.

When And How Do You Get Paid?

We are ‘finalizing’ your earnings of the previous week usually on Monday. You can then request a payment from your balance at any time. Payments via Paypal are usually processed the same or following day (as soon as seen). All other forms of Payment (Western Union, Moneygram, Wire Transfer) the next working day.

How To Sign Up To This MyLikes Alternative?

Please read this new article about the differences between MyLikes and SCLMD first. The link to registration is at the end of the article.

Since we are about to move to another Server, expect an answer in the coming week.

SCLMD dashboard - mylikes alternative


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