Hello world, Let the Journey to more Wealth begin!

Follow me on my Journey to success and a better life. I like to keep the first post (auto-generated by WordPress) so I know exactly when a Blog of mine went live the first time. I’m starting out with ‘Tracks’ as theme because I like the simplistic style. My intention is not to make money from this, so I don’t need to think about ad-placements. All the focus can be on the content 🙂

I’m not entirely sure about where I’m heading with this Blog. I guess it will be covering the journey of making money online using only the internet. To be honest, I’m not entirely new to this game, living off of only the internet income since 10+ years. If ever someone comes across this blog and has a question (and may it just be about the terminology being used), feel free to drop a comment. Although I an read most codes and do my fair share/edits I’m not a professional programmer at all. I’m a marketer and I have the ideas that work.

I’m not a penny-pincher and I’m not going to try to sell you some guru-bullshit here. When I tell stories of the past, those are genuine and happened exactly like that. One that will be covered in several episodes will be my way to build a million dollar business from scratch just to get scammed for half a million Euro because I trusted some low life scammer. You will get to know the whole story… and him 🙂

You won’t be disappointed by following me on this journey through the struggles of being an entrepreneur. The most problems I ever experienced (and still do) are with programmers. Seriously, sometimes it’s unbelievable how they work or rather don’t work at all. My actual project is bugging out since three months because of programming bugs, but after receiving more than $15,000 in payments, they seem not to be willing to fix this 🙁

No ads on my blog, but please share 🙂

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