Fanpage Admins! This Is Why Your Fanpage Was Unpublished!

When I saw all these big Fanpage admins complaining about their Fanpages being unpublished, I almost couldn’t believe it. These were people in the ‘game’ since several years. Profiting from their Fanpages in every way possible. Posting stupid and proven to be fake news as well as semi-pornographic content. Some of them on a scale of at least one link per hour – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Literally spamming the sh*t out of it. Did they really not know, or where they just playing dumb?

The Petition

Some Fanpage Admins went as far as starting a petition to get their Fanpages re-published, which is absolutely hilarious! Want some more? viral9/wittyfeed which shines due to their really bad articles, written in an even worse English, posted an article about this. They didn’t manage to add a proper link to the petition though, html can be really complicated 😉

Fanpage Admins

I’m not going to call out names. In the ‘article’ are several names listed with their opinions and in the petition are plenty of pages listed that have been unpublished. Being in this ‘game’ at least as long as they are, I’ve been in the same groups with them, talked to them, had discussions with them. Most of them think they are entitled to something because they grew the Fanpages. I explained several times and even linked/quoted the part of facebook’s terms of service they were breaking. But they always talked it down or blabbed around the fact that they DO violate FB. In some groups these comments of mine were simply deleted. Especially viral9 doesn’t want their customers (the Fanpage Admins) know that each and everyone is breaking FB-ToS with their service.

Remember this all happened before facebook introduced ‘branded content’. But even then they would have to tag their sponsor (viral9 for example) in every link they post anywhere.

Breaking The Rules

Now here comes the thing. What these Fanpage Admins did, was not illegal. They were just using their Fanpages to make a profit and in a way that was not intended (even forbidden in the ToS) by Facebook how Fanpages are used. You are not allowed to post a link to amazon (or any other store) containing your affiliate link. You are not allowed to post shitty articles and getting paid for the traffic. It’s really simple: as soon as you profit from anything posted on facebook, you break their terms of service.

I’m not saying that each and everyone ‘deserved’ to get unpublished. I’m just saying that you can’t break ToS of a service and then cry when said service bans you or stops you from breaking their ToS. It’s like some of the cheaters that get caught sending bots and then run around telling other people they didn’t get paid.

A Final Note

Have you ever thought that you might have been unpublished because of the shit and pace that you promoted on your Fanpages? I always wondered why facebook didn’t crack down earlier. Now that they did, they don’t really continue unpublishing all those sh*t-spreaders. It would be pretty easy to reduce spam by approximately 80%. Simply by having an account at each of these networks and keeping up to date banning their domains and tactics.

And Then There Is This…

With facebook it’s like almost everywhere in the internet marketing world. If you are big (famous or corporation) enough, they don’t give a sh*t. There are plenty of bigger sites (littlethings, diply) that pay fanpage owners to post their articles. One big difference: They don’t have 90% idiotic and/or semi-pornographic articles.

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